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Why Albania Is the Next Music Destination, According to DJs Ben Böhmer and Moon Boots


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The appearance of its first worldwide concert – Kala – in 2018 denoted the start of another section for Albania. DJs Ben Böhmer and Moon Boots give within track on why Albania is the most sultry new objective for music sweethearts.

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"From my perspective, for Germans, Albania isn't high on the rundown of spots to head out to. It's not on our radar," says German DJ and maker Ben Böhmer. In spite of the fact that he says he came to Albania with no assumptions, Böhmer was "shocked about the blend of mountains and excellent sea shores", alluding to the unspoiled area of Dhërmi, which lies on an incline of the Ceraunian Mountains with perspectives on Greece toward the south.

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Albania's political, military and cultural domination by outside elements has contributed to the country's modern music scene. Albanian music is a fusion of the musics of Southeastern Europe, especially that of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled Albania for more than 500 years. However, the Albanian people kept themselves culturally apart from the Ottomans, with many living in rural and remote mountains.

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Albanian people tunes can be isolated into significant gatherings, the brave stories of the north, and the pleasantly melodic cradlesongs, love tunes, wedding music, work tunes and different sorts of tune. 

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. The music of different celebrations and occasions is additionally a significant piece of Albanian people melody, particularly those that observe St. Lazarus Day (the llazore), which inauguarates the springtime. Cradlesongs and mourns are vital sorts of Albanian society melody, and are by and large performed by solo ladies.

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The Ghegs from north of the Shkumbini River are known for a distinctive variety of sung epic poetry. Many of these are about Skanderbeg, a legendary 15th century warrior who led the struggle against the Turks, and the "constant Albanian themes of honour, hospitality, treachery and revenge".

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